Here’s my take on it:

1) it’s payback for the numerous times POTUS has insulted the Court;

2) the ruling means that Congress cannot ever compel Americans to buy anything;

3) it limits the Commerce Clause, which is the foundation for 95% of the legislation that comes out of Congress;

4) it’s a tax, which means the DEMOCRATS now have to defend the largest tax increase ever in the history of mankind going into the Fall election;

5) as a tax, it must originate in the House (this monstrosity began in the Senate) so there’s a question of legality after the ruling;

6) if upheld, the tax can be repealed by simple majority in the House and Senate where previously it would require a super-majority;

7) the ruling stops the Feds from withholding other funding if states opt out of Obamacare, and

8) the Court just defined the single most important campaign issue of the November election.

9) Remember, the House was taken by Republicans in 2010 in the largest landslide of modern times by campaigning against Obamacare. The same issue is now back front and center. Justice Roberts supported state’s rights by limiting forever the Fed’s ability to strong-arm.

10) Rather than attacking Roberts as a turncoat, in my view we should be thankful for the gift he’s given us. Maybe that’s why he has that smug look on his face. Clearly, he’s a genius and absolutely out-foxed the Libs on the Court.

Now, fellow Conservatives, let’s don’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory…

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