Suffice it to say that of the other developed countries, none has anything like the dynamic economy of the United States. Many, including Greece (20 days of paid annual leave, 6 days of paid holidays), Italy (20 of paid annual leave, 13 of paid holidays), and Spain (22 of paid annual leave, 12 of paid holidays) are basically broke. Others are on the verge.

Somebody has to work to make the money to bail out the rest of the world. Apparently, we’re the suckers who drew the short end of the stick. How long until President Obama and the Democrats decide to mandate paid leave? After all, they’ve already mandated that we buy health insurance and that religious employers cover contraceptive use. In Obamaland, anything’s possible!

And it’s an easy pitch: given the unemployment in Obamaland, everyone is already on vacation anyway.

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