Olympics Kick Off With Tribute to Socialized Medicine

God bless the Brits. Theirs was the country that gave birth to US.

Of course, the British did that chiefly through gross abuse and neglect of the colonists’ needs and wants.

Which makes it doubly laughable to see the Olympics’ Opening Ceremony give time to the praise of socialized medicine.

In case you missed it, the Olympic field was filled with giant hospital beds on which “sick” children were jumping and doing somersaults while their state nurses and doctors danced around them in loving tribute to the National Health System.

I can imagine King Obama sitting at home at the White House, saying to Michelle, “That’s what I wanted. Why didn’t I get that?”

Sadly, Britain didn’t get that either.

According to surveys of the British medical system:
Only 10 percent of hospitals met hygiene standards.
About 20 percent of hospitals did not properly sterilize medical instruments.
One in 8 did not properly isolate patients with infectious disaeases.
One in 5 patients being treated for bypass surgery did not receive proper care. Among those who died, many of them did so because the staff were slow to recognize deteriorating symptoms and there were delays in getting doctors to see them.

There are horror stories galore from Britain’s health system, like the woman who pulled her own teeth because she was sick of trying to find a dentist who would take new patients.

Or the woman who was denied free health care because she made the mistake of paying for a life-saving drug outside the system. Or pregnant women giving birth being turned away from hospitals due to staffing shortages.

At least until Obamacare, the U.S. health system didn’t report any of the same types of problems as Britain.

Now, thanks to Obamacare, more people will be uninsured, businesses will be cutting jobs, the nation faces higher taxes, and doctors are refusing new patients or getting out of the business altogether.

If anything, our problem is that too many liberals were already jumping up and down on their beds to bother reading the monstrosity they put into law.

Of course, the opening also featured Mary Poppins defeating Lord Voldemort, along with some really great fireworks, so I can’t really get too worked up about a little liberal utopian fantasy.

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