Democrats’ Fiscal Cliff Would Plunge US Back Into Recession, Spike Unemployment.


The “fiscal cliff” would instantly raise taxes on all American families, as well as millions of small businesses.  It would also implement severe and over-broad defense cuts, which Obama’s own Secretary of Defense has likened to the United States military shooting itself “in the head”, and it would drag the economy back into recession, shedding millions of jobs along the way.  House Republicans have acted to modify the cuts in a more targeted and sensible fashion, and to extend the current tax rates for all taxpayers.  Democrats are holding the economy hostage (to use their favorite expression), adamantly refusing to avoid the fiscal cliff unless the plan includes raising taxes on nearly one million small businesses.  Democrats brashly claim that they’re willing to steer the U.S.S. Tax Hike over our impending economic Niagara Falls, so long as they’re able to score some class-warfarealicious political points against Republicans along the way.

Priorities and leadership…..I don’t think so!

The White House is spinning the CBO report to demonstrate the “urgent need” for Congress to act.  Well, the Republican-held House of Representatives already HAS acted.  The Democrat-controlled Senate, shockingly, has done NOTHING.

Never mind all that jargon about economic “consensus,” and whatnot.  There’s an election to be won and power to be retained.

Cliffward Ho!

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