These days I am hearing and reading so much about “our crumbling infrastructure”…such a wailing, gnashing of teeth and rending of garments I have never witnessed…well, heads up boys & girls, your cousin bobby is going to enlighten you as to why that will never be fixed in today’s environment. As an example, let’s take the amazing Hoover Dam project, you should know, and accept the fact that a project like this will never happen again under our current circumstances, and here is why:
A. The project was built with non-union labor, in a right to work state and was constructed with above standard materials.
B. Two snail darters were killed during the construction.
C. A spotted owl, who, who, who happened to witness the blasting was traumatized.
D. Shall I continue?

About Your Uncle Fester

American. III. Sheepdog. First Responder at Camp Keebler.
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