Finally the truth!! An AR-15 was NOT used at Sandy Hook Elementary !!!

The TRUTH points to all those lying to further their “left-wing extremist” agenda of taking away law-abiding citizen’s 2nd amendment rights.

So the MSM/LSM/LAPDOG MEDIA finally had to come out and admit THE TRUTH, now that the Coroner has released more info along with police.

An AR-15, or the so-called “Assault Weapon”, was not used in the school shooting.

The shooter even tried weeks earlier to buy a rifle but was turned down in the background check. So he had to kill his Mother to steal her rifle.

There were initial reports, right after the shooting, that police found the AR-15 in his car, NOT IN THE SCHOOL. The rifle was not used.

The shooter went into the school with 4 handguns, NOT an Assault Rifle as the MSM/LSM/LAPDOG MEDIA had lied.

If you recall, in the initial hours of this shooting, the Police said they found the rifle in the car. But the Administration-controlled MSM/LSM/LAP DOG MEDIA had a pre-planned attack already waiting, to ban so-called assault weapons and jumped on that line of reporting, all the while knowing it was a lie, which included people like Piers Morgan who said the shooter used an AR-15 that shoots hundreds of rounds per minute, as if it were a machine gun.

Could it be that the Democrat Liberals and THEIR MEDIA were pushing for the new law, hoping they could do it, before the Coroner released the info? Absolutely.

Connecting the dots yet?

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American. III. Sheepdog. First Responder at Camp Keebler.
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