For Our Own Good, Really?

We are at 397,000 as of right now!

Dear Patriot,

We are told that the attack on our Constitutional right to bear arms is for our own good. We are told that our individual rights are actually based in the ‘collective’ and that sometimes those rights must change ‘for the greater good’. We are manipulated with the words that ‘we must do something’ to address gun violence if it means that even one life will be saved. We are told that no person outside of police or military should need an assault weapon (never mind the fact that they pervert what an assault weapon truly is to instill fear in the masses).

Yet, despite all the propaganda Americans have been fed in attempt to get us to give up a little bit of our freedom due to the acts of madmen; despite the fact that cities with strict gun control bans have the most violence because criminals, by definition, do not obey the law; despite the political theater that we have been subjected to by pundits, politicians, and the supposedly unbiased news media; we now find out that, according to some of our elected officials, WE ARE NOT ALL EQUAL UNDER THE LAW.

It is bad enough that Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein (CA) has proposed a national attack on our gun rights. Today, it has been revealed that although she wants to take your handguns, rifles and other weapons away from you, she wants to exempt all government officials from her proposed gun ban! If you needed any more evidence that in our government officials eyes we are beneath them in stature and should bow down before them in reverence, then this is it. Their message is ‘guns are bad for you, but the are good for us’. Their message is ‘we are entitled to protect ourselves and our families with firearms if necessary, but you cannot’.

The message that Senator Feinstein and all who support her bill are sending is that their lives, families, and property are valuable and worth defending; yours, however, is not. Send them a message that you will not have your Second Amendment rights attacked, infringed upon, or taken away. Sign our petition in support of the right to bear arms today!


Obama and the Constitution

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