We are going to write today. Below is a listing of personal characteristics of two men as attributed to them by their contemporaries. The test will be essay; one or two word answers will be acceptable, however, more points will be awarded to longer, more thought out answers. The personal traits will be listed on the left hand side of the paper while the two men, identified only as person A and person B, will be listed in column form to the right of the characteristic traits. You are to properly identify just who is represented by “person A” and just who is represented by “person B”. The two men you will be identifying are King George III and Barack Obama. Is King George III person A or person B or is Barack Obama person A or person B? There is a time limit, you have four years to complete the exam and the students with the most intelligent answers will receive a cup of TEA, your choice of caff or de-caff. OK students, you may pick up your pencils and begin:

                               PERSON A        PERSON B

PETTY                      X                         X

VINDICTIVE           X                         X

NARCISSISTIC      X                          X

I believe person A is____________


I believe person B is____________


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