About three years ago, statezilla, my beloved Illinois’ regime, shoved a sixty plus per cent income tax increase upon US.  Promising a resolution to so many of our fiscal problems.  Since that time, statezilla has enjoyed the fruits of that shoving by garnishing record revenues for its coiffeurs.  However,  my beloved Illinois is in worse financial condition now than before the increase.  WTH?!?!

I have to ask, how much more evidence does it take for folks to realize that this is always the result of Democrat policies…tax AND spend. 

So many folks still enjoy the love fest with taxation.  Many folks will not even be satisfied when all of US are taxed at one hundred percent!  What then?

As for me, just in case there is ANY question, I am going on record with…I think we are Taxed Enough Already!

About Your Uncle Fester

American. III. Sheepdog. First Responder at Camp Keebler.
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