I’d like to think that saying “I told ya so” to obamanationcare cheerleaders/flying monkeys/minions who painted such a rosy picture of life under the ACA would get tiresome after a while.  HA, it never does.

Believe it or not, I savor saying it every single time.

Critics of the president’s health insurance, accurately referred to as obamanationcare, repeatedly pointed out that the rules for businesses encouraged companies to move full time workers to part time status in order to avoid paying for their insurance. Now, a new report from Goldman Sachs confirms what we knew would happen.

One aspect of obamanationcare that has yet to be measured is how many workers who pay for part of their health insurance have seen increased contributions over the past few years. All insurance, whether employer group plans or individual business plans have seen big increases since obamanationcare was shoved down our throats, or pick any orafice. It is very likely that people who make a monthly contribution – especially for dependents – have seen their paycheck shrink.

IMO, as insurance becomes more and more expensive, more and more employers will take the route of forcing employees into part time positions. Today, it’s a few hundred thousand workers who are involuntarily working part time.

What will it be like in 1 , or 5 years?


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